I'm Jessie Katz.

I’m a digital product designer in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo of Jessie Katz smiling at the camera.

I create meaningful user experiences that are beautiful, accessible, and fundamentally human.

I’m a people person and I love collaborative design and problem-solving. For the past decade-plus, I worked as a prop master in film and television (some favorite projects include Fosse/Verdon, Master of None, and Maniac). I helped build and lead small props teams and worked to ensure that directors, actors, and production designers had the objects they needed to realize their creative vision. Being a prop master is all about understanding how to combine visual style with usability — an understanding I now lean heavily on as a product designer.

I’ve always been passionate about visual art and design thinking. I studied cinematography and printmaking at the University of Virginia and built my skills as a product designer with classes from Google and Dribbble. I challenge myself to always continue learning and growing as a designer. Whether I’m Etch-A-Sketching a bonsai garden for Emma Stone (Maniac), designing a recreation of Bob Fosse’s 1970s wristwatch (Fosse/Verdon), or building an intuitive app to sign up for mutual aid volunteer opportunities, my work is always about centering and enhancing the user’s experience.

When I’m not problem-solving in a Figma file, you might find me catching a film at my local Alamo Drafthouse, riding my bike to Rockaway Beach, or writing get-out-the-vote letters for the volunteer organization Postcards To Voters.

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